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Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator, 245-watt Review

Eastman Outdoors 38254  Food Dehydrator, 245-watt Review


Model: 38254



    • 4-tray electric food dehydrator
    • Adjustable thermostat range – 90º to 160ºF with 245 watts of drying power
    • Dishwasher safe cover & trays makes it easy to clean
    • Adjustable thermostat range 90 to 160F with 245 watts of drying power



38254 Reviews

“Where Have You Been All My Life? ”

We’ve owned other food dehydrators in the past. You understand that a jet engine makes exactly as its starting up? That’s kind of what they sounded like, not this one. This thing is really quiet its absurd, like a sigh that is continuous, nothing at all like the banshee wailing out its way . Sound the old ones made.Cleanup is a snap however as you cant put the parts from the lower rack of a dishwasher you need two loads to clean it, or you could do it by hand in less then two minuets since food doesnt stick that well into the racks. Moreover, you need to be cautious washing the base as it is not safe to get fluids inside the unit. I cover mine with aluminum foil and prevent cleaning all collectively for the base.The temperature nob is quite handy dandy and works well. Is some kind of timer built in using a shutoff.Would we purchase? Yes we would.

Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator, 245-watt Review | 38254 Review


“The Trays Are Pretty Thin And Could Break Easily If You Donâ$™T Be …”

Here is the first-time Iâ$™ve got a dehydrator, I must thus itâ$™s shot a little long in making jerky. Took me about 6 hours to get the meat dry all the way . This is one of those items thatâ$™s. If you donâ $ ™ t the trays are pretty thin and can break easily be more cautious. It should also be noted that when placed on a court top it will earn a good deal of sound to get rid of that problem I required a kitchen towel and put under. With all that in mind this product wasn’t the worst nor the best.

Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator, 245-watt Review | 38254 Review


“Not Reviewing This As A Food Dehydrator, But As A Filament Drier. ”

If the title didnt say enough, dont bother with this review if you want to create jerky. I will say, my results indicate it’d be ideal for drying meats.With that out of the way, post warranty-voiding this item is lovely for drying PLA and ABS filament, in addition to silica. I cut the mesh from two trays, and that left me with a single full tray for silica bags, and sufficient space to accommodate a single 8 1kg spool and a silica can (take off the top if it has a plastic window), and three of those tiny Taulman spools. I havent tested it on nylon yet, but it works quite nicely for drying bubbly PLA and ABS, and while it was not enough to get my suggesting havent to go completely clear back, it did manage to bring it to about 80% clear with the remainder slightly tinged. If I had bothered to disperse the silica at a proper tray, itd probably manage, but then I might too stick on that menu in the oven. Using a thermocouple, I quantified 69.5C to the maximum setting, as measured from the edge of the center tray, with a room temperature of 15C from the dehydrator. Following a day in this, every soggy spool Ive dried has gone out of a stringy, pitted mess to printing in addition to my machines may manage.To the maker:’m sorry this probably isnt the sort of review you want, but if its any consolation, Ive found this product to manage this use case enough to justify recommending it to other makers which may be worried by all the other dehydrators within this budget. (Really, you have basically the only and#60;$50 dehydrator on Amazon that doesnt have an 8-10 percent 1-star rating and more than ten reviews.) Unless I receive a second one of them for its intended purpose, Ill never bother you for warranty service.

Eastman Outdoors 38254 Food Dehydrator, 245-watt Review | 38254 Review